You can make a prominent Ole Miss fan support Mississippi State at the Egg Bowl. Here’s how:

Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State Athletics

It’s not often that Mississippi State fans and Ole Miss fans can come together for really anything. It’s a pretty rare occurrence. But today, we’ve got an opportunity for that to happen.

Alex McDaniel, a very notable Ole Miss fan with a sizable social media following, has agreed to show up at the next Egg Bowl dressed in Maroon and White and supporting the Mississippi State Bulldogs on one condition: 100 Mississippi State fans come together to give money to a pretty solid cause.

Now, why would Ole Miss fans be interested in having one of their own supporting their rival during the Egg Bowl?

Well, that cause actually benefits them.

Alex is working to raise money for the Ole Miss band to get a decent practice field. I’m not sure many Mississippi State fans understand just how bad that field is (it looks awful), so click here to get a better grasp of those abysmal practice field conditions.

It’s pretty shameful that Ole Miss lets their band practice in that mud hole.


The Ole Miss administration should also feel ashamed that one of their own has struck a deal to sell her allegiances for a day on the biggest day of the year for this rivalry, but hey, that’s what it’s come to for the Ole Miss band to get a better field.

Alex is willing to do this. She’s agreed to be a Mississippi State fan for a day during the Egg Bowl. She’ll ring a cowbell and everything. We should do what we can to make that happen.

If you’re caught up on the whole “giving money to Ole Miss” thing, think of it this way: we’re getting to save an Ole Miss fan for a day. It’s not Alex’s fault that she was brought into the wrong side of this rivalry. We get the chance to temporarily bring her over to our side of this rivalry AND also help out some hardworking students in the process.

That’s a pretty good deal to me.

Now, for multiple reasons, I need to talk to my wife before I commit to donating anything. 1: she’s smart with money (much smarter with money than I am). 2: I’m leaving my job next month and so we need to figure out just how much we can donate.


*extreme Stephen A. Smith voice*


*normal Ethan voice*

What’s great about this challenge is that Alex has agreed to cosplay as a Mississippi State fan as long as we get 100 State fans to donate to this cause. SHE DID NOT SAY WE HAVE TO DONATE EXTRAVAGANT AMOUNTS OF MONEY!

Do not feel as if you’re obligated to break the bank for this.

If you’re like me and you’re stretched a little thin right now (trust me, I get it. We’ve got a toddler and I’m leaving my job and we’re moving across the country), then donate what you feel comfortable with.


If you aren’t able to donate, then share this fundraiser with a Mississippi State fan (or really anyone and get them to say that they’re a Mississippi State fan) who might be able to give something to this cause.

So, here’s what you need to do if you want Alex supporting State on a very important day this year:

  • Donate if you’re able
  • Take a screenshot of your donation
  • Pester her on Twitter with said screenshot
  • Tweet something like “Can’t wait for you to support State this year!!1! #HailState!1!!” or something with some snark, I don’t know. Be creative.
  • Share the fundraiser with some friends

OR! IF YOU’RE NOT ABLE TO DONATE (which is totally fine, I promise), do the following:

  • Share the fundraiser with some friends
  • Maybe still pester Alex on Twitter, I don’t know. She opened herself up to this extremely Egg Bowl content, I’m sure she’ll enjoy the engagement.

Whichever option works for you, do it. Let’s do some good here folks. Let’s also get another Mississippi State fan for a day.

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