Would Will Rogers be able to improve Mississippi State’s offense?

Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State athletics

To be completely honest, I’m at a loss for words and also thoughts about Mississippi State football right now.

This isn’t some sort of misdirect where I start a conversation on how Mississippi State can fix everything. What you see in that headline is what you get. I’m asking you because I don’t know what Mississippi State has to do to start scoring points again.

Would Will Rogers be able to bring life back to Mike Leach’s offense?

For the second week in a row, Mississippi State’s offense has been hindered by turnovers and blunders. For the second week in a row, Mississippi State lost in embarrassing fashion. For the third week in a row, Mississippi State has gifted points to its opponents.

The Bulldogs have turned the ball over 14 times through just three games. Nine (NINE!!!!!!!!!) of those turnovers have come by way of interceptions tossed by K.J. Costello. Three (THREE!!!) of those interceptions thrown by Costello have ended up as touchdowns.

It’s not that the Bulldogs need a spark on offense, they need to find a new way to not shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly.

Costello was brought in to revolutionize Mississippi State’s offense. After thrashing the LSU Tigers, it certainly appeared as if he was capable of doing just that.

Following the first week of the season, Costello and the Bulldogs appeared borderline unbeatable.

(I really wish I didn’t have to follow that statement up with a “but”).


But, the way the last two weeks have gone, it appears as if he’s in over his head when defenses adjust to attack the Air Raid’s weaknesses. Mississippi State’s offense has scored a combined 16 points against Arkansas and Kentucky.

That’s bad. Very, very bad.

Prior to the season beginning, fans with realistic expectations said Mississippi State would have to adjust to this new offense. It was reasonable to assume that this offense would hit some speed bumps.

The speed bumps weren’t supposed to cause MSU to totally stall out and break down.


Theoretically, there’s a chance Costello can figure this out. Theoretically, there’s a chance things start to click and he starts to shred defenses. But right now, I don’t think that chance is a very big one.

At least not for a few weeks.

Costello is talented (more so than most). He’s smart (definitely much smarter than me). And he’s experienced.

But, for whatever reason, he’s not thriving in Leach’s offense right now.

So, does he give Mississippi State the best chance to win, or would someone else be able to do that?


Will Mississippi State have a quarterback competition going forward? Will the Bulldogs do anything to adjust to fix their errors? Will Costello suddenly improve after two bad weeks, shocking everyone in the process and proving everyone who doubted him wrong?

Or will Mississippi State turn to Rogers in hopes of getting this season back on track?

I don’t have any answers to any of those questions. I don’t know what Leach and MSU must do moving forward.

But I do know I don’t envy the positions Leach and Costello are in right now. And I know Mississippi State can’t afford to continue making mistakes the way it has been lately.

I want Costello to be the guy that leads the Bulldogs to bounce back and move forward, but, well, maybe that’s a job for someone else.

Or maybe MSU doesn’t bounce back at all and this is a year that is used to build towards the future of the Mississippi State football program.

I don’t know.

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For more independent Mississippi State news and commentary, follow The Underdog Tribune on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Ethan Lee on Facebook and Twitter.

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