Mississippi State commits a myriad of mistakes, again



Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State athletics

It was incredibly clear that mistakes ended up costing the Mississippi State Bulldogs a chance at beating the Arkansas Razorbacks, a game they should have won with ease. Well, mistakes became a huge problem for Mike Leach’s Bulldogs yet again.

The biggest thing Mississippi State needed to avoid doing against the Kentucky Wildcats was turning the ball over.

I wrote this earlier. It feels pretty relevant right now:

Mississippi State hasn’t had much luck against the Kentucky Wildcats in their last two trips to the Bluegrass State. In Mississippi State’s last two games against Kentucky in Lexington, the Bulldogs have been handed a couple of deflating losses.

State has already shown this year it is prone to turning the ball over and giving away points. If the Bulldogs hope to beat the Wildcats in Lexington this season, those errors have to stop.

Ethan Lee, The Underdog Tribune

But as we are all aware, Mississippi State did not avoid turning the ball over. In fact, the Bulldogs turned the ball over several times in incredibly infuriating ways.

Mississippi State tossed a total of six interceptions Saturday evening. Six. Two different quarterbacks combined to throw six picks. And one of those six picks turned out to be a pick six.

Of Mississippi State’s 14 drives, six ended in interceptions, two ended because of a turnover on downs, and one ended on a missed 56-yard field goal attempt. MSU’s offense was unable to do anything.

The Bulldogs scored a grand total of two points (it should’ve been four points, but that’s another thought for another time).

This game was flat out awful.

I can’t imagine how Mississippi State’s players feel after that game, but I have a pretty good feeling that they’re not feeling great.

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For more independent Mississippi State news and commentary, follow The Underdog Tribune on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Ethan Lee on Facebook and Twitter.


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