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Starkville Stuff: We need more video chats with Mike Leach



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Hi there, folks. This column used to be called “Mississippi State news, notes, and nonsense. It’s now not called that. It’s called Starkville Stuff. That’s easier to say and write and takes up less space in the headline. To me, it makes more sense.

So we’re going with it. Now on to the news, notes, and nonsense.

Mike Leach Zoom Call:

I’m not totally sure where Zoom came from, how it became so popular, or when it was created. The group video chat platform has exploded in popularity seemingly overnight. And that’s fine given everything that’s going on in the world right now.

In a global pandemic, having plenty of effective ways to communicate with family, friends, coworkers, students, teachers, etc. is important.

But also what’s important is that we get more Mike Leach content and that’s what we’ve got here:

Mississippi State’s head football coach hopped in a Zoom call to show his support for elementary school teachers. Go ahead and check this out if you haven’t already.

Beyond Meat kinda stinks, if you ask me… And my wife.

In a moment of curiosity caused by me wandering through a grocery store the other day, I spotted a package of “Beyond Meat.” It’s a meat substitute that is high in protein and price.

Honestly, the product tasted fine and the texture wasn’t awful. Texture wise, it kinda reminded me of a sloppy joe. We made some tacos and, with enough seasoning, I honestly enjoyed the plant-protein-meant-that-is-not-meat.

But that’s not the problem with Beyond Meat. That stuff stinks. The smell is horrendous and has lingered in our kitchen for nearly 16 hours after it was cooked. To make matters worse, the smell is seemingly cooked into the skillet we used to cook the stuff.


My wife isn’t exactly happy with the whole experience. My wallet didn’t enjoy getting the stuff. What was arguably my favorite skillet now smells like someone tried to make a meatloaf out of cat food that was marinated in fish guts.

Beyond Meat ground fake meat stuff: 0/10, it stinks, would not recommend.

Mississippi State baseball lands grad transfer

There’s a couple of things I want to note here:

  1. There’s a new Mississippi State blog out there and it’s being run by a brilliant writer. Joel Coleman started up Cowbell Corner with Sports Illustrated. Coleman is a great guy and he’s putting together pretty good content. Go check it out.
  2. As Coleman notes, Mississippi State landed Scotty Dubrule, who has graduated from Jacksonville University after playing there for four years and is bound for Starkville.

Today’s tunes:

I stumbled upon Caamp shortly before my son was born (I’m working on a project related to this so stay tuned, I suppose) and he seems to be a fan of them. I am also a fan of them. They’re an enjoyable band and this song is about Mississippi (it really isn’t, but they reference the Mississippi River and that’s close enough for my purposes this morning).

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