So, what now after all those sporting events were cancelled because of COVID-19?



Photo: Laura Parsley/Mississippi State Athletics

What do we keep up with now?

That’s the question many sports fans are asking themselves after seemingly everything got thrown sideways due to COVID-19 concerns.

As I’m sure you know by now, the NCAA has cancelled a ton of events. College baseball and softball have been halted and the basketball tournaments have been sidelined. Spring and sports are essentially done for the year.

Concerns about the coronavirus causing COVID-19 have led to this moment. I know many disagree with the decisions made to cancel these tournament, but the decision to bring things to a halt is out of an abundance of caution.

That means no College World Series or Women’s College World Series or, well, just about any other college sporting event that you may have been looking forward to over the next few months. That’s not ideal.

Losing a few sporting events sucks, but taking an aggressive approach to combatting COVID-19 can help prevent the spread of this disease and can potentially save lives.

That makes sense.

It’s an inconvenience to sports fans. It’s frustrating to see players who have put their heart and soul into this have their careers sidetracked.

But it makes sense for the whole of society.

So, now that sports have effectively been cancelled, we’ll have to find something else to occupy our time.

That’ll be fun.

I’m not a huge esports advocate, but Hunter has a point here.

Esports might be an option for some. I’m not a huge esports fan, but it’s potentially an option.

I’ll probably find myself reading more, which is a nerdy thing but it’s also a good thing. I’ll also probably find myself listening to more music and spending more time focusing on more landscape nature photography type stuff.

Not necessarily a normal alternative to watching sports, but hey, we work with what we’ve got and what we’re interested in.

I have no clue how other sports blogs are going to tackle this challenge of not having sports to write about, but The Underdog Tribune “editorial staff” (me? It’s pretty much just me. Shoutout to independent blogging life.) will figure it out.

I’ll chat with Justin about everything moving forward, but the bottom line is this: The Underdog Tribune will continue to provide the best possible content we can.

There’ll be less Mississippi State sports content, which should be understandable, but there’ll still be content.

Justin and I have been pretty good about being creative and flexible in the past. We’ll be pretty good about it in the future. We’ll figure out what works for us right now. Everything is kind of up in the air right now, but I can promise you there will be content here.

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