Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach speaks with the Bulldogs during their road game against the Arizona Wildcats.Mississippi State Football

Mississippi State athletics trolls Lane Kiffin after Egg Bowl chaos

Hey. Dawgs win again.

That’s right. Mississippi State football has stunned the Ole Miss Rebels in the most stressful fashion possible. The Bulldogs found a way to get the offense just enough life despite the rain and the road conditions all while the defense kept the game within reach.

It was bizarre, but incredible.

It was the Egg Bowl. We all got Egg Bowled. And it’s quite possible that nobody got Egg Bowled harder than Lane Kiffin, who was the center of coaching rumors all throughout the week. Kiffin, who made headlines as he trolled Jon Sokoloff for reporting a prediction that the Ole Miss coach would end up leading the Auburn Tigers, has in turn been trolled by the Mississippi State Bulldogs as MSU won the Egg Bowl.

First, Sokoloff tweeted this:

And then Lane tweeted this:

And now we’re here, with Mississippi State tweeting this:

Which is just absolutely incredible. Just absolutely brilliant. What a perfect thing to do with this rivalry. I love it so much.

Mississippi State has won the Egg. The Bulldogs have some momentum heading into the offseason. State will have a shot at nine wins thanks to the Bowl game. This is a pretty good place to be. Mike Leach’s offense could use some work during road games, but the Bulldogs are sitting above their rival in the SEC West standings right now despite having a schedule that featured road trips to Arizona, LSU, Kentucky, Alabama, Ole Miss as well as a home game against Georgia.

That’s not bad.

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