Mike Leach and the Mississippi State football team celebrate after beating the LSU Tigers in 2020.Mississippi State Bulldogs

2022 Mississippi State football predictions: ESPN FPI favors LSU Tigers over Bulldogs

As Mike Leach and his Mississippi State football team get set for the 2022 season, they’re getting ready to head down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana as they seek to repeat the sort of success they found in their 2020 win over the LSU Tigers. After the Bulldogs head out west to face off against the Arizona Wildcats, Mississippi State returns to the South to take on the Tigers.

As it turns out, ESPN’s Football Power Index is expecting the Tigers to come out on top of this game. Out of the 20,000 simulations that ESPN’s mythical computers go through, LSU is favored to win this game.

When I note that ESPN’s FPI is favoring the LSU Tigers , I’m not necessarily mentioning that in a betting sense like with point spreads and the like, but rather that ESPN’s magical computer math number simulation projections are simply expecting the Tigers to win this game against the Mississippi State football team.

According to ESPN’s Football Power Index and its many projections, LSU should win this game. The Tigers get a nice little 68.2% here on this game. That’s not bad.

To read more about ESPN’s FPI projections for the 2022 Mississippi State football season, click any of the links below:

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