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Why is the Purdue Wrestling Facebook page posting weird videos?



Something weird is going on with the official Purdue Wrestling Facebook page. Something really weird. Yes, I know this is a Mississippi State blog, but we’re expanding to cover new ground as of right now.

For whatever reason, a page that should be primarily dedicated to providing Boilermaker fans with wrestling content is providing the general Facebook audience at large with all sorts of weird videos that appear to be from movies and TV series.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the posts.

There are a number of different videos that have been uploaded over the last few weeks.


And again, there are a ton of these videos on Purdue’s page right now. A ton. What on earth is going on here?

This is something that has been going on for WEEKS. It’s weird! There’s a ton of these videos up on Purdue’s page right now gaining a good amount of views. If Purdue is desperate for meeting some KPIs, this is certainly one way to get that Facebook engagement, I suppose.

It appears this all started a few weeks back when a video that went on for SIX HOURS was posted to the page. It got one like. Then a whole bunch of these random “HBO available” videos started being posted on the page.


Prior to that 6-hour video, it’d been a little while since Purdue was really posting much video content on the page. Heck, just scrolling through the page’s feed, it doesn’t really appear as if they’ve really been active on the page other than these videos.

If you’d like, you can check out the page right now.

The general public, of course, is now aware of this matter (thanks to my tweets, of course) and Andrew Miller of the Maroon Mic podcast (another great Mississippi State source for Purdue content) has what appears to be a pretty solid hunch.

The Underdog Tribune has reached out to Purdue’s athletic department for a comment on the matter. This, of course, is breaking news. This very serious and very informative article on a Mississippi State blog will be updated when any such updates are available. Stay with The Underdog Tribune for all of your breaking news needs.

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