A football being held by a Mississippi State football player.

Troy Trojans find heartwarming way to design perfect uniforms

Photo: Trevor Birchett/Mississippi State Athletics

A future opponent of the Mississippi State football team has figured out how to create the perfect uniforms: crowdsourcing and crayons.

The Troy Trojans gathered up a group of coaches kids and handed them some artistic tools for the children to craft their ideal football uniforms. Or, well, scribble around to their hearts’ content. There’s nothing wrong with scribbling and doodling at any age, you know?

Coloring inside the lines is just a suggestion.

Anyway, the Trojans took to Twitter to showcase the uniforms that were inspired by the art these kids made and, after selecting one particular design that was preferred, Troy put together some pretty cool uniforms.

Check out the video that the official Troy football team shared below:

Watch: Troy Trojans unveil new uniforms designed by a group of kids and crayons


College football is consistently and always one of the best things ever. This is just another example of a college football program finding a new way to have some fun and give some folks a reason to smile.


It’s brilliant, it’s heartwarming, and it’s a great way to give a kids an opportunity to have a lot of fun.

There’s literally no downside to this new crowdsourcing design strategy that Troy is implementing. It’s a good way to get some new ideas and the labor is cheap. As a dad who thoroughly enjoys college football and underdogs and crayons, I love everything about this.

Good job, Troy. I hope you use this method to design all of your uniforms going forward.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Trojans are scheduled to face off in a home-and-home series that is currently set to start in 2026. Mississippi State will host Troy in 2026 and then will hit the road to face the Trojans in 2027.

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