OMAHA, NE - June 22, 2021 - Mississippi State Head Coach Chris Lemonis speaks to the team in the dugout during the 2021 Mens College World Series game between the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Virginia Cavaliers at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, NE. Photo By Austin PerrymanMississippi State Baseball

Mississippi State must continue to show resiliency in the College World Series

OMAHA, NE - June 22, 2021 - Mississippi State Head Coach Chris Lemonis speaks to the team in the dugout during the 2021 Mens College World Series game between the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Virginia Cavaliers at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, NE. Photo By Austin Perryman
Mississippi State baseball. Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State Athletics

The Mississippi State Bulldogs have their back against the wall after suffering a deflating loss to the Vanderbilt Commodores Monday evening. The Bulldogs lost game 1 of the College World Series finals by a frustrating margin of 8-2.

If the Bulldogs want to win a championship, they’ll have to bounce back from everything that went wrong last night and find a way to win the next two games.

No big deal.

No pressure.

So, how are the Bulldogs going to get back on track after their latest awful loss? Thankfully, this isn’t this team’s first time dealing with a bad loss or a difficult situation. Let’s look back at some of the rough moments this bunch has dealt with so far this season.

Mississippi State has lost by large margins before


Hey look, this Mississippi State team losing by a lot of runs isn’t exactly anything new. The Bulldogs have, unfortunately, suffered more than their fair share of losses by several runs so far this season.

Here are some of the largest losses the Mississippi State baseball team has gone through this season:

And yet, despite those awful losses, Mississippi State was able to bounce back. After the Bulldogs lost to Mizzou, they won four straight, including a series sweep against the Alabama Crimson Tide. MSU responded to that 9-0 loss to Ole Miss by going out and beating the Rebels 7-5 on Sunday to take the series from their rival.

What about those losses to Florida and Tennessee in the SEC Tournament? Well, Mississippi State went on a run, sweeping through the Starkville Regional, which then propelled MSU into the Starkville Super Regional.

And in the second game of the Starkville Super Regional, Mississippi State fell to Notre Dame, losing by eight runs against the Fighting Irish. However, MSU responded, won game three, and advanced on to Omaha to compete in the College World Series.

The Bulldogs have been able to get back to winning and get to this point in the season


The point in bringing up all of these losses isn’t to show that these Bulldogs are a bad team, but rather the opposite. the Bulldogs have been able to reverse their fortunes after suffering bad losses and falling short against great teams. MSU has been able to bounce back after just about every loss it has taken this season.

Despite all of the disappointment that has come with losing those games, Mississippi State has been able to respond and get back on track. They’ve done it all the way to get into Omaha.

MSU’s bullpen depth should continue to give the Bulldogs a very real shot at winning against Vanderbilt, but MSU’s bats will need to come alive in game 2 of the College World Series finals. State has shown that it can compete after losing a game in a bad way.

The Bulldogs just need to do that again.

How to visit Omaha for the College World Series: Where to eat?


With the College World Series set to start, NCAA baseball fans from all over the country will be headed to Omaha, Nebraska, to watch the country’s eight best teams play each other with the goal of winning a championship. While it’s often overlooked, Omaha is a city that deserves more credit for everything it has to offer.

I actually had the pleasure of living in Omaha for a couple of years and, despite the bitter winters, I thoroughly enjoyed my time living in the Midwest.

Omaha is a wonderful city with a great food scene, plenty of bars (especially sports bars), and a solid amount of nightlife.

There’s always something happening somewhere in town and, thanks to the size and layout of the city, it’s pretty easy to get just about anywhere you need within 20 to 30 minutes.


If you’ve got the opportunity to go see the College World Series, you should definitely take it.

And if you’ll be in Omaha, it’s worth getting a few ideas on what to do while you’re there. That’s what this guide is for, to help you get some ideas on what to do during your trip to see your team in the CWS.

Click here for The Underdog Tribune’s official guide to Omaha restaurants and bars for your trip to the College World Series.

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