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2021 Women’s College World Series preview: Oklahoma State Cowgirls

Photo: Blake Williams/Mississippi State Athletics

The 2021 NCAA Softball Tournament is coming to a close as the 2021 Women’s College World Series is set to start. Get to know each of the eight teams in Oklahoma City who are hoping to head home with a national championship next week.

Oklahoma State, like its rival Oklahoma, didn’t have to travel very far to get to the 2021 Women’s College World Series. After winning the Stillwater Regional with ease and then clearing the Texas Longhorns in the Super Regional, Oklahoma State headed down the road to Oklahoma City for the WCWS.

The Cowgirls have been consistent all year and have been one of just two teams that have been able to deliver a loss to the Sooners, the top seeded team in the 2021 NCAA Softball Season.

Can the Cowgirls find a way to make a run to the WCWS finals? Will this team be able to win it all this year?

Here’s what you need to know about the Oklahoma State Cowgirls:



47-10 overall, 15-3 conference

Regional results:

  • May 21 vs. Campbell – W, 10-0 (5 innings)
  • May 22 vs. Mississippi State – W, 9-3
  • May 23 vs. Mississippi State – W, 10-2 (5 innings)

Super Regional results:

  • Game one: May 28 vs. Texas – W, 6-1
  • Game two: May 29 vs. Texas – L, 2-4
  • Game three: May 30 vs. Texas – W, 2-0

Players to watch:

  • Carrie Eberle – 1.41 ERA, 25-3 record, 178.2 innings pitched, 153 strikeouts
  • Kelly Maxwell – 1.69 ERA, 15-4 record, 111.2 innings pitched, 137 strikeouts
  • Alysen Febrey – .409 batting average, 18 home runs, 59 RBIs

Final thoughts:

There are only a handful of teams that have been able to go up against the likes of Oklahoma and actually have a chance to beat the Sooners. Oklahoma State snagged a win from OU despite losing the series earlier this year. The Cowgirls might be able to put a scare into Oklahoma, should the two teams meet again. But, in addition to the Sooners and the Cowgirls, there are six other really good teams in Oklahoma City right now. Oklahoma State can’t only be focused on its rival as the Cowgirls have a tough task up ahead of them.


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