ESPN’s SP+ expects Mississippi State Bulldogs to struggle in 2020



Photo: Aaron Cornia/Mississippi State Athletics

Look, a lot of people are unsure of just how good the Mississippi State football team will be in 2020, but there sure are quite a few people who seem pretty confident that Mississippi State won’t be any good at all in 2020.

And while it’s technically not a person, we’re considering ESPN’s Bill Connelly’s SP+ super fancy, smarter than me math system in that grouping.

For those unfamiliar with Connelly or SP+, you should know that Connelly is very smart and is very good at math and statistics and all sorts of things that are incredibly difficult to be good at and he came up with SP+, an advanced analytics predictive modeling thing that basically tells you how good a team is.

(If you want a much better explainer of SP+ rather than the gibberish I just provided you with, you can read more about it by clicking here.)

Connelly and SP+ are both convinced that Mississippi State will struggle this season, and that’s to be expected.

According to SP+, there’s really no chance for MSU to win more than 7 games this season (I tend to agree) and the Bulldogs are probably winning 3 (maybe 4) games in 2020.

Connelly and the infamous and brilliant SP+ have Mississippi State finishing 6th in the SEC West (not too unrealistic, if we’re being honest), setting the Bulldogs above Arkansas and below Ole Miss (go read Connelly’s full SEC preview here, it’s got numbers and stuff).

This is officially the second advanced analytics system from ESPN that hates Mississippi State’s chances of winning in 2020. ESPN’s FPI has the Bulldogs favored in just one game this year. Read more about that here:

ESPN’s FPI favors Mississippi State football in just one game in 2020

Spoiler alert for those who didn’t read the headline: ESPN’s FPI doesn’t expect a ton of wins from the Mississippi State football team this season.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to predict just how good the Mississippi State football team will be this season, and that was true even before the pandemic began. New head coach, new offense, new quarterback, new defense and defensive coordinator.

Mississippi State needed all that new, but that makes it hard to anticipate what will happen this season. Add in COVID-19 and a brand new schedule and games getting cancelled and postponed and rescheduled and so on and so forth.

Who honestly knows how this season will go?

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