How will changing the Mississippi Flag impact Mississippi State?

The Mississippi State Legislature has voted to change the flag, and after a few more formalities take place, the Flag of 1894 will no longer represent the state. It was a historic day for Mississippi, and one that will impact Mississippi State athletics, but it might not have happened had it not been for the efforts of one Mississippi State athlete.

There are other things impacting Mississippi State athletics, most particularly the coronavirus is spiking. This could have a huge impact on what football looks like this fall, or if there will even be football at all. Plus, there was some big recruiting news for the football team on Saturday at a much needed positon. Host Justin Strawn breaks it all down on the newest episode of The Starkville State of Mind Podcast!

You can listen to the podcast on by CLICKING HERE or subscribing to it on one of the many podcast platforms.

The Starkville State of Mind is a twice-a-week podcast hosted by The Underdog Tribune contributor Justin Strawn. It’s the go to podcast for all of your Mississippi State Athletic needs.

The show is presented by Cherokee Valley Golf Course in Olive Branch, MS. For the best practice facilities and golf course in the Memphis metro area, look no further than Cherokee Valley Golf Course. You can call them at (662) 893-4444 or click here to book a tee time online.





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