Mississippi State football stadium: Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field in Starkville, Mississippi

Starkville Stuff: Mississippi State is missing out on easy money by not selling alcohol

Photo: Blake Williams/Mississippi State Athletics

Before we get into how Ole Miss has outsmarted Mississippi State (which is bad news), let’s start with some good news.

Mississippi State lands a talented wide receiver in Tyrell Shavers:

Wide receiver has been a relatively weak spot for Mississippi State’s offense over the past few seasons. MSU lacked a passing attack in 2017, dropped passes plagued the Bulldogs in 2018, and 2019 was a roller coaster for MSU on offense.

2020 will likely be a roller coaster on offense as well, but for different reasons. The Bulldogs are switching things up offensively under Mike Leach and are transitioning even further away from Dan Mullen’s run-heavy spread option based offense and out of the disjointed and likely not fully implemented RPO system that was Joe Moorhead’s offense and into Mike Leach’s air raid offense.

But without reliable receivers, how do you expect to have success throwing the ball around a lot? By going and getting someone like Tyrell Shavers to help shore things up in the receiving corps.

Shore should have an immediate impact on State’s offense and will help elevate the level of play from MSU’s wide receivers. Under Leach’s guidance, it seems likely that the receivers already on the roster will improve as well.

Now onto some not great news:

Ole Miss is generating stupid amounts of money very easily, Mississippi State is not:

It looks like Ole Miss has outsmarted Mississippi State when it comes to generating revenue. The Rebels generated over $400,000 in revenue from selling alcohol at sporting events, according to the Clarion Ledger.

In just a handful of games in the back half of what was an awful college football season for the Rebels and a bad college basketball season, Ole Miss brought in $400,000 in revenue. That’s pretty good and making that sort of money in less than ideal seasons means that Ole Miss should be able to bring in plenty of money in much better years

Mississippi State, however, appears content to not make stupid amounts of money as of March 30.

As my friend Will Lawrence put it, Mississippi State is dumb not to do this.

“They have to compete with the at home experience for sports and the at home experience is pretty sweet,” Lawrence said.

And he’s right. College football is at something of a crossroads right now. Many fans are able to enjoy a wonderful game day experience without even leaving their home and spending exorbitant amounts of money by traveling to a game.

It’s significantly easier to drink with your friends and watch a football game from your couch or your buddy’s backyard than it is in Davis Wade Stadium right now.

“HDTV, the SEC Network, air conditioning, recliners, no bathroom line, cheaper, your own food and alcohol, no risk of DUI, [and] no traveling. That’s what they compete with for your entertainment dollar. And if they don’t do something to combat it, attendance is going to go down,” Lawrence added.

And given that attendance at college football games has been declining for more than a decade and that the pandemic’s economic impact might effect boosters and how much they’re able or willing to donate, Mississippi State should use every tool available in getting fans to games and maximizing revenue opportunities.

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2 responses to “Starkville Stuff: Mississippi State is missing out on easy money by not selling alcohol”

  1. Charles Avatar

    Ok, that’s one side. Give me the facts and figures of the other side, Solomon. What’s the % rise in DUI, accidents etc in and around campus.


    1. Ethan Lee Avatar
      Ethan Lee

      That’s definitely worth taking a look at for policymakers, sure. But I don’t know if it’d be a significant increase over what the number of incidents already is.


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