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Starkville Stuff: MSU announces return of Ron Polk, plans of in-person classes for Fall 2020

Photo: Aaron Cornia/Mississippi State Athletics

How’s it going, folks? It’s Friday (#MaroonFriday) and there’s stuff going on in Starkville.

ICYMI from The Underdog Tribune:

  • Hail State hypothetical: What happens if Nick Fitzgerald wasn’t injured in 2017 Egg Bowl? – In terms of “what if” questions that are asked pertaining to Mississippi State football history, this is one that definitely isn’t asked enough. Maybe it’s because this happened relatively recently, maybe it’s because Fitzgerald is the most under appreciated quarterback in Mississippi State football history. I’m not sure. But the Bulldogs could have gone to the Citrus Bowl in 2017 if State wins the Egg Bowl. Plus there’s a lot of other downstream effects!
  • Mississippi State brings Ron Polk home – This is great to see. The best coach in Mississippi State baseball history is returning to Starkville. He goes from assisting one of his pupils to assisting another in a completely different role. I’m here for it.
  • Mississippi State makes plans for classes to come back to campus this fall – Speaking of returning, Mississippi State University is looking at getting students to return to campus in the fall. There’s a lot of things that the university will need to consider in doing this safely, but it seems like MSU is doing just that. At least from the outside looking in, that is.

MSU news:

Looks like Mississippi State offensive lineman Stewart Reese will no longer be a Mississippi State offensive lineman. I’m sure he’ll continue to be an offensive lineman, just not for Mississippi State. Unless something strange happens that is.

If you’re a doctor, are you up for going to Davis Wade Stadium this fall? This whole thing hinges on if there’s even a football season this fall. If there’s no football season and there’s nothing going on at Davis Wade Stadium, you probably shouldn’t be there.

And speaking of being in a sports venue when you’re not supposed to be there…

Absolute nonsense:

This dude did just that!

Today’s tunes:

Living in the Midwest, there’s certainly times I miss the South and Texas. There’s plenty of songs I play to kind of relive certain moments, trips, and adventures back home, but lately this one has captured the bulk of my attention when I feel that way.

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For more independent Mississippi State news and commentary, follow The Underdog Tribune on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Ethan Lee on Facebook and Twitter.

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