Should Mississippi State fans be concerned about the 2020 baseball team?



Photo: Gabby Zgunda/Mississippi State Athletics

Mississippi State couldn’t beat a team that, a couple weeks into the college baseball season, found itself winless prior to its game against the Bulldogs. Texas Southern entered into Starkville with a horrendous 0-9 record and left Dudy Noble Field with a dominant 8-4 win over the Mississippi State baseball team.

The worst part of this loss is that MSU looked like a mess. The Bulldogs gave up eight runs, committed a couple of errors, and only scored four runs off of eight hits. On top of that, State’s pitchers struggled to get through the afternoon.

Is it time to sound the alarms?

When you add a loss like this to the fact that Mississippi State’s best starting pitcher is out, it’s not surprising that some fans will worry about how far this team will be able to go.

But it’s still way too early for everybody to say that the Bulldogs are done. We’re still in the month of February. If MSU continues losing these sorts of games into late March and April, then we can panic.

Mississippi State’s loss to Texas Southern is embarrassing and frustrating, but it’s something that the Bulldogs can certainly bounce back from. The great thing about college baseball is that it’s chaotic and weird. There’s plenty of baseball still to be played.

MSU will return to action Wednesday afternoon against Alcorn State. This weekend, the Bulldogs will head out to the West Coast to face a Long Beach State team that has something to prove.

Should MSU come away with three wins in its next four games, MSU fans will likely feel better about everything. There’s a chance that this does play out this way.

Chris Lemonis and company just need to get things figured out soon.

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