Mississippi State Baseball

Mississippi State baseball fans find creative way to troll Oregon State outfielder

Photo: Gabby Zgunda/Mississippi State Athletics

Well, some folks in the outfield at game one between the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Oregon State Beavers appear to be having some fun heckling Oregon State’s outfielders. In particular, it appears that Kyler McMahan has found himself to be a target for the Mississippi State baseball fans out behind right field.

It’s not uncommon for Mississippi State fans in the outfield to give some good-natured teasing, but it looks like a group has found a creative way to try and get under his skin.

Joel Coleman of the Starkville Daily News tweeted a photo showing what appears to be Mississippi State baseball fans holding up a photo of McMahan’s girlfriend:

And it didn’t take too long for that to be confirmed:

It’s odd. It’s weird. It’s something that college baseball fans do, I suppose. This sport is an odd and weird one. Of course, for Mississippi State’s sake, hopefully the heckling throws McMahan off just enough to keep him from being productive at the plate.

And, well, hopefully the fans will treat McMahan to some food following the game.

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  1. he got no food and some jackelope threw a beer out there when we had the 2 run double to tie it up. Kyler to the jawing in stride bc he too alot of it. good kid.


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