Mississippi State news, notes, and nonsense: Does the Road to Omaha go through Starkville or Oxford?



Photo: Gabby Zgunda/Mississippi State Athletics

College baseball is officially back and going again. Chris Lemonis and the Mississippi State Bulldogs got off to a solid start over the weekend. I was on the road (from Omaha to Houston and then back to Omaha) so there was no time to prepare for the series or recap the series (that’s what happens when you have the responsibilities of a full-time job, are married, and grad school).

But in case you missed it, the Bulldogs won with relative ease, sweeping the series. Mississippi State knocked down the Wright State Raiders and are 3-0 to start the 2020 season.

Elsewhere in the state of Mississippi: Ole Miss looked dominant against Louisville. The Rebels had no issue taking care of the Cardinals, and that could mean that this year’s rivalry series will be a legitimate challenge for Lemonis and the Bulldogs.

Ole Miss fans have a very good reason to be excited with how their team performed over the weekend. But, it’s a long season and this sport is a weird one. The Road to Omaha could go through Starkville or Oxford or both or neither. We’ll see what happens.

Also, in Hattiesburg, Southern Miss decided to embrace Mississippi State’s embrace of black uniforms for Sundays. This is something the Bulldogs have been doing for a while now, and Southern Miss decided that it was a good idea as well.

To be fair though, black is literally one of their uniform colors. It’s an alternate uniform color for Mississippi State.

But still, it’s a little weird. It’s not as bad as that time Missouri decided it wanted to literally copy the Left Field Lounge though.

In case you missed it from The Underdog Tribune:

While I was out of town and not producing any content for this site that I built, the wonderful Justin Strawn has been busy producing his podcast and posting some stuff here.

If you’re not already, you should check out Starkville State of Mind:

Around the internet:

There’s no baseball or softball tonight. The Bulldogs canceled the baseball game in Starkville against Samford and postponed the softball game at Southeastern Louisiana.

The baseball team will now prepare to host Oregon State this weekend in what will be a fascinating series while the softball team will pack up and head out west for the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic out in Palm Springs, California.

Speaking of softball, today I learned that there’s a specific reporter cover Mississippi State softball for The Dispatch. Theo DeRosa reports on the Bulldogs’ softball team and has been working on an incredibly emotional and difficult piece.

You need to read this:

Today’s tunes:

My wife and I were recently in Houston for a multitude of reasons, but one of them was for a baby shower. We’re expecting our first child, a son, in just a few months. Preparing to be a dad has been a wild experience. I’ve been putting together a playlist about becoming a father and, well, this song is going to be included in it.


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