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Mississippi State basketball announces fundraising campaign benefitting American Cancer Society

Photo: Aaron Cornia/Mississippi State Athletics

Interested in filling up Humphrey Coliseum and donating to the American Cancer Society? This fundraising campaign is targeted directly at you. Both Mississippi State basketball teams have partnered with the Mississippi State Chapter of Colleges Against Cancer for the “$10 for 10k” Campaign benefitting the American Cancer Society.

The campaign challenges fans to donate $10 for each and every seat in Humphrey Coliseum between February 8 and March 10 with a fundraising goal of over $100,000 in mind.

But MSU isn’t just asking for fans to donate. Vic Schaefer and Ben Howland have agreed to make substantial donations to the cause as well, but on one condition: Mississippi State fans need to fill the Hump for a couple of Mississippi State basketball games.

Bulldog fans absolutely need to show up for both the men’s basketball game against Alabama on February 25 and the women’s basketball game against Arkansas on February 27.

From Mississippi State’s press release:

“Along with the campaign, if Mississippi State has more than 10,000 people in attendance for both the men’s game against Alabama (Feb. 25) and the women’s game against Arkansas (Feb. 27), head coaches Vic Schaefer and Ben Howland will each donate an additional $10,500 to the American Cancer Society.”

If you’re interested in donating or learning more about the campaign, click here.

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