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Mississippi State news, notes, and nonsense: Welcome to The Underdog Tribune



Photo: Blake Williams/Mississippi State Athletics

Well, it took a little while longer than I had hoped, but this project is officially started.

Welcome to The Underdog Tribune! For those who aren’t familiar with me, my name is Ethan Lee and I’ve been covering Mississippi State athletics on and off for about half of a decade now.

To make a long, winding, complicated story short, I have run both For Whom the Cowbell Tolls and Maroon and White Nation, two Mississippi State blogs that are each a part of a sports blog network, SB Nation and FanSided.

After a quick stop in Nashville for a summer and then a move back home to Texas to pursue a master’s degree, I ended up landing a phenomenal full-time digital media job that took me away from the South and in to the Midwest. And while this job is a great one, there’s many things I miss while up here.

One of those things happens to be covering the Mississippi State Bulldogs. And that’s where The Underdog Tribune comes in.

This is a completely free and independent source for Mississippi State news and commentary. While I enjoyed my time at FWtCT and MWN, both sites had their own drawbacks. Here, I have all of the creative freedom in the world to produce the best possible content about the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

And that’s what I plan to do. But enough about that. Maybe we’ll discuss more of that at another date.

On to the Mississippi State content!

It’s opening day for the Mississippi State softball team!

MSU is entering into a new decade and a new era with Samantha Ricketts leading the Bulldogs. Ricketts replaces arguably the most successful coach in program history in Vann Stuedeman (she’s either the most successful or the second most successful, just depends on how you want to argue that).

In case you missed it from The Underdog Tribune:

Let’s get smarter:

With Mike Leach leading the Mississippi State Bulldogs, Mississippi State football fans will need to get used to a completely new style of play. The Air Raid isn’t something that MSU has ever implemented. So, to get educated about this new offense, Smart Football explains everything you could ever need to know about this style of play.

Today’s tunes:

In my spare time (what little I currently have between work, this project, grad school, and everything that has to be done around the apartment) I’m in the midst of creating a playlist themed around become a father. Sturgill Simpson’s “Welcome To Earth (Pollywog)” is certainly going to be on this playlist.

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  1. Concretedawg99 Avatar

    I will follow you anywhere I guess but your taste in music is still weird.

    1. Ethan Lee Avatar
      Ethan Lee

      Going by a new name now?

  2. Dian Parker Capps Avatar

    I like your music and blog!

    1. Ethan Lee Avatar
      Ethan Lee

      Thank you!

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