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SP+ picks favor Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Arizona Wildcats

Well, it looks like the Mississippi State Bulldogs might have a pretty good shot at getting a pretty good road win over the Arizona Wildcats. Of course, that’s the case if you like listening to computer projections for these sorts of events.

If you like math, appreciate head scratching levels of intricate analytics, and love college football, you almost certainly love Bill Connelly and everything that he brings to the table. If you aren’t familiar with Connelly’s work, you should know that he’s been doing this for a while now. His SP+ mathmagic computer wonder system is something that people will pay very close attention to because of how impressive it can be.

Connelly is pretty brilliant and makes complex things seem pretty simple. So, you know, folks like yours truly are able to take a look at some of his work and almost kinda understand what is going on.

It’s pretty great.

SP+ picks Mississippi State Bulldogs over Arizona Wildcats


You know what else is pretty great? Being ranked pretty highly by an objective measure. Per Connelly and his magical number machines, the Bulldogs are currently ranked at No. 12 nationally. Meanwhile, Arizona is ranked all the way at No. 90. (There are a number of things that go into that and you can learn more of that by clicking the link up there.)

Mississippi State football vs. Arizona Wildcats: Bulldogs favored on the road vs. Wildcats

And if you take a look at the latest SP+ picks, it sure looks like the Bulldogs will be able to come out on top of this contest against the Wildcats this weekend. In the latest picks, Connelly’s system has Mississippi State winning by a score of 36-14. The Bulldogs have a win percentage of 90% (which is pretty solid!) and that would certainly be an impressive win for Leach and company.

Of course, it remains to be seen just how this weekend will play out. If you need help getting up to speed on everything with the game you can click here.

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