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Mississippi State football vs. Memphis Tigers 2022 score prediction

Mike Leach and the 2022 MSU football team finally have an opportunity to right what went wrong in Memphis a season ago. The Bulldogs are looking to get a win against the Memphis Tigers, a team they really should’ve beaten in 2021.

But sometimes frustrating, dumb losses happen. And last season’s loss to Memphis certainly fits the bill of a frustrating, dumb loss. Hopefully this year’s matchup won’t play out in the same manner.

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Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Memphis Tigers: Preview and prediction

While the Bulldogs did lose some key pieces from their team a season ago, Mississippi State’s offense should, in theory, be firing a little more efficiently and effectively this year. Leach is now in his third season in Starkville and the Bulldogs are being led by a quarterback who is certainly familiar with how the offense operates. Will Rogers was remarkable at times a season ago and hopefully he’ll continue to improve this year.

If he can do that, then Mississippi State should certainly win its fair share of games even with the difficult schedule that the Bulldogs face this season.

So, what can we expect from the Bulldogs in their season opener?

Well, it looks like there’s some rain in the forecast, and that could impact how effective Mississippi State’s offense is. We’ve seen the Air Raid get impacted by less-than-ideal weather and it sure would be nice if all Mississippi State had to deal with weather wise was sunshine and friendly skies.

But given the talent differential, weather shouldn’t be too much of a factor. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that this game is in Starkville this season. This Mississippi State team should, in theory, be remarkably better than what it was a season ago. It’ll be fascinating to see just how much the Bulldogs have developed over this past offseason.

I suspect this game might be a little sloppy, but I do think the Bulldogs get a solid win thanks to what Rogers and company bring to the table. Zach Arnett’s defense should be able to contain Memphis once again and I expect that the Bulldogs will have a little more luck on the special teams ends of things.

Given how Rogers performed throughout the back half of the season, I’m willing to bet that this offense will put up some impressive numbers once more.

Prediction: Mississippi State 41, Memphis 20

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  1. I disagree wholeheartedly with the name, though pithy, of your blog. However, I applaud even more your effort to establish a great STATE board and forum apart from FWTCT and especially Gene’s Page (though I love reading David’s and definitely Steve Robertson’s thoughts-Paul Robertson, not so much). Looking forward to some new blood and fresh toughts about Mississippi State athletics!


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