Mike Leach and the Mississippi State football team celebrate after beating the LSU Tigers in 2020.Mississippi State Football

Time to find out how Mike Leach’s Mississippi State responds to a deflating loss

Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State Athletics

As it turns out, Mike Leach and the Mississippi State football team were completely unable to avoid a hangover game against the Arkansas Razorbacks. One week after tearing through the LSU Tigers, Mississippi State was humbled by Arkansas in Davis Wade Stadium.

Just one week after the strengths of the Air Raid offense were put on display for everyone to see, a team that had previously lost 20-straight SEC games found a way to stump Leach and company.

It wasn’t a pretty sight to see.

This sort of loss isn’t uncommon for teams coached by Leach. In fact, as Daniel Black points out for The Underdog Tribune, this has happened everywhere Leach has been a head coach.

And, well, bad losses happen. Maybe not so much under a previous MSU head coach as Mississippi State was steady and predictable under Dan Mullen.

You knew what you were going to get, more often than not. State would beat the teams it was supposed to beat, lose to the teams it was supposed to lose to, and there were very few surprising upsets either way.


This is clearly not the case with Leach leading things. This can be good, as is the case with that monumental win over LSU.

This can be bad (VERY, VERY BAD), as is the case with that horrible, mistake-filled loss to Arkansas.

But now we’re about to find out just how Leach’s Mississippi State team will respond to those deflating losses.

Clearly the Bulldogs must find a way to tinker with Leach’s Air Raid offense to avoid falling into the trap they did against Arkansas. Clearly K.J. Costello has to stop throwing costly interceptions (please, can we never have another pick six?) and keep the Bulldogs moving forwards, not backwards.


State has proven it has a ton of potential, this week is a good opportunity to prove that again. Kentucky is reeling after an overtime loss to the Ole Miss Rebels. Before UK lost to Ole Miss, their offense fell flat in an intriguing matchup with the Auburn Tigers in week one.

Kentucky is seeking its first win of the season. Here’s to hoping Mark Stoops and company are handed their third loss of the season instead.

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